Musical Therapy

I can’t remember a time in my life where there wasn’t music. Growing up I was graced with a mother who loved to listen to music. She introduced me to so many, of what I think are, forever great county music icons. I’ve branched out through the years with my love of music. The chose of genre varies greatly!! From alternative, hip-hop, gangster rap, punk, swing, R&B, classic rock, heavy metal etc… I enjoy a wide range that seems to fit my mood. Some days i feel like I’m ‘gonna break your fucking face tonight’ and then some days I’m like ‘I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind’ it all depends on the vibe. I always seem ready for a little classic country though. Country goes back to my roots, my beginning of love with music.

Even though I’ve always wanted to, I never learned to play a musical instrument. I have a great appreciation for the talent although. I could listen to a guitar jam sesh anytime. A few of my favorite memories are from my musically inclined friends jamming out at my house. It’s the best!! I was once close with a family that had 5 kids that were all in a band together. I loved going to their house and listening to them play and sing. I even wrote a song for them once.

There’s this beautiful release I get when I let music invade my soul. It’s a calming sensation that only I feel. So many song’s sing right to my heart. I love to sing along to, like every song I know even though my voice is rachet!! It too is a release, as I belt out ‘Hello’ or ‘Shoop’!

Variety is the spice of life they say. I’m so thankful for all the people who have influenced my life musically. From listening to RAGE and Outcast to Lil Kim and Topac! I’m so glad I was introduced to Drive by Truckers and Adele. All my friends and family have brought a little bit this and that into my world. In This Moment and Zac Wylde have made a stamp on my musical soul. All music has a place and I can’t wait to explore and learn and feel the beat for the rest of my life!!

My heart belongs to classic country although. Such as ‘Hello Darlin’ and ‘Fancy’. I ALWAYS think of my mother and our family gatherings, in Wilson, when I turn on my Judds station on Pandora. Conway Twitty wouldn’t have stood a chance if my Aunt Joan was around. Men like him and George Jones could make your heart stop and make you beg them to take you home with them! Reba McEntire and Tanya Tucker were my favorite ladies when i was young. I literally looked up to them with class and dignity.  They had it all in my eyes. Music has a way of shaping you as an individual. It can determine your friends and your surroundings. One day you could be relaxing on the lawn at the local Pavillon listening to Hall & Oates then next thing you know your jumping up and down at the Boat House to Marilyn Manson!!

It’s a colorful world of music!! My soul can’t live without!! Karaoke anyone?!


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